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I supervised the research of the following students:
  • Collin Buchan (Undergraduate, CMU)
    • GPU implementation of covariant gradient descent for
      motion planning
  • Vlad Ermakov and Prateek Tandon (M.S. and Ph.D., resp., CMU)
    • Application of nonlinear optimization techniques to calibrating  manipulator kinematics parameters
    • January -- May 2011
  • Matt Klingensmith (Undergraduate, CMU)
    • Covariant optimization for manipulation planning
    • October 2010 -- May 2011
  • Jonathan Valz (Undergraduate, CMU)
    •    Obstacle avoidance for hybrid mobility systems
    •    May -- August 2010
  • Ayman J. Singh (Undergraduate, CMU)
    •    Cost functions for base placement planning in mobile manipulation
    •    January -- June 2010
  • Philipp Krüsi (M.S., ETH Zurich)
    •    Path relaxation for rover navigation (paper)
    •    November 2009 -- April 2010


I love to teach, and I had a number of great teaching opportunities ranging from substituting, guest lecturing to serving as a teacher assistant for the entire duration of a course. I am working toward completing the Teaching Certification with the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. My teaching experience includes the following courses:
  • Introduction to Mobile Robot Programming, Fall 2007, prof. Alonzo Kelly (CMU)
  • Introduction to Logic Synthesis, Spring 2003, prof. Garrison Greenwood (PSU)
  • Physics, Spring 2002, prof. John Abramson (PSU)